Jun 09 2017

Color change wraps are impacting the car customization market

In the past few years, a new trend has been developing in the car customization industry. It’s called “color change wraps”, or sometimes referred to as “paint replacement wraps”. Entire vehicles can be wrapped in different colors and finishes to add accents, or to completely change the vehicle’s appearance. Everything from mattes, chromes, metallics, carbon fibers, and glosses are available. 3M’s solid color films go by the Series 1080 name, and Avery Dennison’s are called Supreme Wrapping Film. Both are of extremely high quality. While easily changing the color of your car as often as you’d like is attractive, there’s also some added benefits that you may not immediately think of. While the car is wrapped, the vinyl actually helps protect the factory paint from minor abrasions and contaminants. Also, painting your car a custom color almost always negatively affects resale value. If you were to paint your car purple for example, it may cost you thousands of dollars in resale value. A better idea would be to wrap the car in purple vinyl, and simply remove the wrap when the time comes to sell the car. This would help preserve the factory paint, as well as the resale value. Keep in touch with the guys at TechnoSigns to stay current on new colors that are released frequently. We have been informed of one particularly interesting soon to be released new color that is top secret, but will be a great addition to the available color palette that you may choose from.