Food Truck Wraps

Food Truck Wraps

Why the design of your food truck matters

Food truck wraps are one of the most important things to consider when opening a new mobile restaurant business. Your food truck design will be the first impression of what a potential customer will see.  Drawing attention to your truck at a food truck event is crucial to gaining new customers.  Your food truck wrap design should be professional and eye-catching to entice them to buy from you.  Your company will be judged and compared to the other food trucks nearby, so you will need to stand out from the crowd.  Good quality high resolution images of your food are an appealing way to draw customers to your truck.

The visual aspect of your food truck, from the fonts used in your wrap, to the colors that appear on your menu board, can have an impact on the way people perceive you. With that in mind, it’s essential to choose colors, type, and images that integrate with your brand identity.  From your logo to your truck wrap, the right artwork for your food truck business can have a big impact on how many people walk up to your window and on how likely people are to remember you in the future.  Repeat customers and word of mouth advertising will make your business thrive.  It will also draw the attention of new customers.

The materials used in our food trucks are the top of the line.  We only use 3M and Avery brands, which are the best in the industry.  The vinyls have superior long term durability and gloss.  The inks used are an eco friendly solvent that is outdoor durable.  All of our food truck wraps include a clear layer on top of the printed layer, called a laminate.  The laminate adds even more durability, and U.V. protection.  The laminate also helps protect the images from minor scratches, and make the truck easy to clean & maintain.

We are a certified wrap installation shop, which means that we take pride to wrap your food truck the right way.  Our crew of wrap installers will transform your vision onto your food truck.

In conclusion, all of these things will boost your food truck’s visibility, which will lead to more revenue. Well designed food truck wraps mean more dollars for your business.